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ABOUT THE project
The Brief
Connect.Live engaged InspoHub to capture McLaren Automotive’s 2024 Global Retailer Conference.

The requirement was to capture a high-end virtual event ‘as live’, across multiple locations. The event included multiple senior members of the McLaren team addressing global retailers in a studio environment, as well as the reveal of the brand's newest product. In addition, the virtual event needed to integrate a remote awards presentation, announcing retail winners from across the globe.

The entire event needed to be conceptualised, ensuring quality and style of output matched that of the global brand on show.
The Solution

Our in-house creative team spent time collaborating with the events, lighting, LED and animation departments to create a unified plan of how the show would run. This included stylising the studio set and proposing concepts of how to best showcase content on screen.

The production crew was made up of a Producer-Director, DOP, Production Manager, 4 Camera Operators, Sound Engineer, Autocue Operator and On-Site Editor. A large set was built at the Brooklands Studio, constructed to incorporate multiple environments, each suited to different segments of the show.

The set hosted 2 cars, with one being the latest vehicle off the McLaren production line. InspoHub shot an extensive presenter-led walk-around segment of the new product. The wider set was designed to look like a sleek and minimalist car dealership. This was achieved through extensive lighting solutions, hard furnishings and selective framing in camera. There was also a large LED screen that provided dynamism through animation, VT playout and graphics during the awards presentation.

All content was shot with a live feed going to monitors in a close-by green room, allowing the client to have eyes on all content as it happened. The presence of an on-site editor also allowed the client to see the event come together with the capability to watch content on the day it was shot.

In addition to the studio shoot, several piece-to-camera interviews were shot on location at McLaren HQ in Surrey. This was again shot ‘as live’ with a selection of C-level employees at the company, and integrated with the studio show as ‘throw-to’ segments.

All on-location interviews were shot within 1 day with the same production crew, ensuring consistency across output. Efficiency in pre-production and shot planning meant each interviewee was only required for a short amount of time, meaning minimal disruption to their schedules.

The Outcome

The client was thrilled with the final output. The content was effective in engaging retailers across the globe, whilst demonstrating a high-end production value to be expected from a luxury car brand.

To see the behind the scenes of how this project came together, click the video above!
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