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Video sports analysis
ABOUT THE project
The Approach
InspoHub travelled to Exeter, Devon, for a BMX track day. The aim was to capture live footage of racers competing throughout the day with a multi-camera OB setup. This event was a showcase of BMX rider talent for all levels, ages, and genders. The event was also attended by a regional representative of British Cycling, an organisation who wanted to see what benefits live streaming could provide to the sport first-hand.

Experience in other track sports meant that we went into this event with a clear understanding of what angles were needed to capture not only clean and entertaining coverage, but also footage that would benefit riders from a coaching aspect post-race.
The Setup

The setup for this event was unique. We needed to ensure that all of the track was captured by various cameras so as not to leave any dead spots during the race coverage. The aim of this was not to capture television standard coverage, rather a cost-effective tool that would improve the sport, its athletes and the club itself.

This was achieved with mostly robotic cameras, all of which were monitored and operated through an on-site OB unit. The only operated camera was an FS7 on the start. This allowed super slow-motion at 150 frames, enabling incredibly accurate and never-seen-before analysis by the riders.
There was an additional screen setup next to the OB van, allowing riders to come by post-race and watch their footage back.
Rider Analysis

One key benefit of filming grassroots sport is the analytical insight that athletes and coaches receive. This level of analysis tool is typically unheard of at such a level in sport.We built an online platform for riders to watch back content post-event, as well as a screen playing back content post-race. This allowed immediate improvement throughout the event, and for deeper home analysis at a later date.

BMX racing is predominantly a junior sport at this level, and incorporating video is a fun technical advancement in the sport for young competitors.

Benefits to the Organisation

Local clubs:

  • Cost effective video solution for events
  • Increased revenue opportunities by selling video packages as an additional service
  • Increased athlete ability based on analytic approach to coaching
  • Enhanced sponsorship opportunities
  • Increase in members joining the club as a result of additional coverage / marketing content

Governing Bodies:

  • Cost effective video solution for events
  • Positive technical innovation within the sport
  • Increase in athlete ability based on analytical approach to coaching
  • Enhanced sponsorship opportunities
  • Inclusive, self-development opportunities for all athletes
  • Increase in new athletes joining the sport as a result of additional coverage / marketing content

The Outcome

The coverage of this event was very successful. The club noted the enthusiasm from riders that came with the additional coverage, as well as the increased revenue opportunities that can come with a reoccurring live stream and replay service.

If you’re looking for live stream services for your club, regardless of sport or level, get in touch! We’re a team of video professionals who love sport just as much as our clients. As a result, we create real content with a purpose and value to those who use it.
"Having video analysis can give the rider the opportunity to see where they think they can be faster and add extra pedals. I was really impressed with the angles & product we got out of the start videos. Body positioning plays a vital role and is clearly visible on the videos. Corner videos were great, you could clearly see the positioning of the rider on the bike, pedal positioning, the place the rider takes the corner... I was really impressed with these & they would be a massive benefit to everyone. As you can probably tell I’m a big fan of this video analysis"
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