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ABOUT THE project
The Brief
HYROX needed comprehensive multi-camera coverage of both the Men’s and Women’s Elite Races. This was to be broadcast live online to over 30k viewers. With such a large event space, and the sheer scale of covering each kilometre run, it was requested that InspoHub provide a multi-camera solution. One of those being a camera setup that could sit on a motorised tricycle and capture the runners.

There needed to be a combination of camera solutions and positions that captured the scale and wide-angle content of all participants at any given time. These methods of capture also needed to get up close and personal with the athletes on the court. The client wanted more than just coverage, they wanted viewers to feel part of the race themselves.

The client also required a bespoke and on-brand graphics package. One that could identify different stages of the race, show rankings, timings and distance covered, incorporate sponsorship and name each athlete. These graphics were crucial in helping the audience understand the narrative of the race.

The broadcast also required onsite commentary, as well as a live feed to go to the event's big screens in the event space. To kick off the show there was a live studio segment, hosted by the commentary team. To end the stream, cameras needed to return to the studio position to capture interviews with the medalists.
The Solution

InspoHub went with a 9-camera setup. This was a mix of operated and robotic cameras, including a steadicam and jib that captured the most dynamic content from each workout and run.

Cameras were integrated into a fully managed broadcast setup, overseen by InspoHub. The crew was streamlined for efficiency in production and budget, and consisted of a Producer/Director, Graphics Operator, Engineer, 4 Camera Operators and a Production Manager. Keeping team numbers to a minimum also helped InspoHub to integrate seamlessly into the wider on-site HYROX team.

The Outcome

The end result came with huge praise from both the client and their online audience. The client received a seamless production that showcased value and, more importantly, put on a show for their fanbase.

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