Worthing FC

Video feature
ABOUT THE project
The Brief
For the final 2 games of the 2021/22 football season, we collaborated with newly promoted Worthing FC to capture a flavour of their title winning run-in.

The club reached out to InspoHub wanting feature video coverage of their trophy lift on the final home game of the season, as well as their Sussex Senior Cup Final fixture against Brighton U23s at the Amex Stadium.

The main objective for each game was to capture the essence of the game days. There was a buzz surrounding each fixture that had to be replicated through storytelling. This type of end to a season is not common, and the club wanted us to capture it in a way that did the enormity of their achievement justice.
The Solution

A total of three edits were created across the two matches. A highlights video and documentary style piece for the league winning fixture, and a single highlights video for the cup final.

Each feature captured the build up to the games. This included fans filtering into the grounds, player arrivals, warm ups and stadium B roll. In addition to this, match footage was captured at an alternate angle from traditional coverage, with the InspoHub camera operator positioned at pitch side.

The features produced were each a single-camera setup. The InspoHub production team were granted access to all areas, allowing us to capture footage from the changing rooms, player tunnel and from on the pitch during squad celebrations.

For the docu-style piece, we interviewed several key figures at the club to find out what the team’s success meant for the club and wider community. Interviewees included the club owner, chairman, manager and players, with vox pops from fans also included.

The Outcome

The result of each of these features were overwhelmingly positive, both from the client and the club’s fanbase. Collaborating with a local sports club as they achieved history is something we’ve been incredibly excited about, and we’re so pleased we did each event justice.
"After winning the league, we wanted to make sure we caught our big day on camera. Our final game, lifting the trophy and the buzz in the atmosphere inside the ground. InspoHub captured this perfectly!"
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