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ABOUT THE project
The Brief
The client wanted to maintain hosting the event on Zoom, but requested that InspoHub integrate a TV style setup to the presentation output. The host was joined by a studio guest who was providing insight into key topics, so the production needed to seamlessly incorporate 2 in-person speakers. There was also a presentation element to the event that required sharing slides in real time on the programme output. This was made possible with an in-studio producer operating the slides for the host.

A key aspect of the production was the community feel. The client wanted there to be a back and forth between the audience at the end of the session in the form of a Q&A. The community aspect was a core value for the client, so we put infrastructure in place to ensure it was possible.

The client also requested a bespoke graphics package that reflected their brand identity. InspoHub created this in-house and integrated it into the live output.
The Solution

Having assessed the client needs, InspoHub sourced and dressed a local studio for the event to be filmed in. We selected a 2-camera setup, with one wide angle 2-shot and the other picking up individual shots of speakers.

To deliver on the TV-standard, we set up an on-location gallery and hosted the entire programme output through vMix. This allowed us to cut cameras, control audio and bring audience speakers in and out of the mix. It also allowed us to bring in graphics such as holding slates, bugs and lower thirds for that extra touch of professionalism.

InspoHub delivered a fully end-to-end approach, meaning the client only needed to focus on their on-screen presence, with no distractions. They could relax, knowing that any technical challenges would be handled by the InspoHub team.

After the event, we delivered a full event video replay to the client for them to host to a range of platforms for longevity. Whilst live events are great for engagement, not everyone will be able to make it. For that reason, it’s important to make content accessible post-event to cater for all of your audiences!

The Outcome

Come the end of the event, InspoHub had covered all pre-production, technical, camera operation, floor management and post production. All content was conceptualised, covered and delivered across within 24 hours!

The client was thrilled with the levelled up output of their event, and the guest speaker also voiced how comfortable they felt in an environment that was totally new to them. To watch the even in full, click here.
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