Why Should You Live Stream Your Event?
The late 2010’s and early 2020’s has seen a colossal rise in the use of live stream. By 2028, the video streaming market is predicted to reach over £165b. It is clear that the future of broadcast is in live stream.
What is a live stream?

Firstly, you should know some of the basic ins and outs of live streaming. It is much like live television, with the main difference being that you need the internet in order to stream from a recording device and a hosting platform such as Twitch, YouTube and Dacast.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer live streaming services to followers and friends, with Skype and Zoom also providing the resources to livestream to wide remote audiences.

Live stream services often involve single-camera and multi-camera broadcasts, which generally cover any form of live event you’re looking to host, be it sport, award shows or musical events.

Single-camera live - This is common for lower league and amateur team sports such as football and rugby. A single-camera is set up at pitch side and covers the entire game from one angle.

Multi-camera OB - This type of live coverage is great when a single camera can’t cover all aspects of the game. This might be used for motorsport or other track sports where multiple angles are important.
How can can a live stream be used for events?

Due to the COVID pandemic, access to in-person events and live sports (especially at grassroots level) has been impacted.

Live stream allows you to claim these events back. It can prove to be a safer alternative compared to going to events in person. With live stream, you can get the best seat in the house, all from the comfort of your own home or place of work.

Here at InspoHub, we have live streamed various projects:

Edinburgh Rugby - Live stream to the stadium big screen + a full match package

Aston Martin DBX 707 Car Launch - Live coverage of the car launch, graphic creation + BTS feature content

Formula Student - Live TV-programme style coverage and Event TV of this annual multi-day competition & showcase

Of course, live streaming isn’t necessarily tailored only to sports and can be used for a multitude of different events from speeches & lectures to gaming & live music sessions.
What are the key benefits of live streaming?

There are multiple advantages to live streaming. Accessibility to live stream events tends to be easier than attending in-person. As you’re live streaming to an online platform, there’s unlimited space for attendees and your event isn’t limited by a physical capacity.

Your event also becomes more accessible to those who are constrained by work, expenses and even country or continent. With live streaming, your event can go global. All of this can help you increase your audience and therefore, potential revenue opportunities.

With more viewers and attendee’s watching your event, you have more potential ticketing options. You can make your event exclusive and only accessible through a pay-per-view model, increasing revenue per event if you desire.

Live streaming also gives you the ability to watch your event back and realise the areas in which your event was a success and how you can develop for the next. This gives you a platform to build upon and make every event better than the last.

Streaming your event online can also play a role in recruiting new members to your team. Brand awareness is increased, with more people potentially joining future events or endorsing your brand.

Viewer engagement is arguably the biggest benefit that you can get from live streaming your event. It allows people to connect in real time (through a live comments/chat section) and be “in the moment”. This is backed up by the fact that live video holds a viewers attention 10-20 times longer than a pre-recorded video.

How can InspoHub help?

Live streaming is the future of event management and distribution. InspoHub will use our wealth of broadcast experience and expertise to take the pressure off your shoulders and deliver unrivalled live coverage of your event.