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Annual Customer Event in Portugal

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ABOUT THE project
The Brief
In May 2022, InspoHub travelled to Portugal to capture short-form video content for Games Global’s inaugural studio event - The Debut.

Each day was made up of key notes, seminars, networking sessions, fine dining and evening entertainment. The client required a range of social-first content captured on each day of the event that could be shared across a range of online platforms and to the big screens at the event site.

InspoHub was tasked with creating polished 90-second daily highlight videos in traditional 16:9 format. This was shared across the client’s social media channels. Bonus 9:16 content was captured and edited specifically for Instagram stories and reels, adopting a more platform-friendly 9:16 format. Strategically capturing footage was a challenge that had to be met head-on. With everything only happening once, we had to film content with both vertical and horizontal formatting in mind, as well as filming enough variation to ensure shots weren’t being reused across multiple platforms.
The Solution

InspoHub used a combination of on-site and remote working to meet same-day deadlines set by the client. With a streamlined approach to content capture and post-production, the event went seamlessly.

All content, including stills, was repurposed throughout the event site, with footage and images put up on big screens across the venue to be enjoyed by in-person attendees. This massively increased the guest’s media engagement, with attendees actively seeking out the photographer so they could feature on the big screens!

The emphasis of this project was on rapid, high-quality content being captured and delivered all on the same day. A remote production model enabled our quick turnaround times.

A team of four content creators did shift patterns across the 19 hour work days, with a two-person edit team back at base in Brighton. A streamlined remote working setup meant that the editors in Brighton were able to edit content immediately and have approved exports ready within the hour.

Specifically, InspoHub used synchronous media storage between the two working sites that enabled immediate access for editors in the UK whilst our team on the ground continued to capture and distribute alongside the client’s marketing team.

To see exactly how InspoHub approached remote working on an international scale, you can watch our short and fun explainer video by clicking here!

The Outcome

The event went extremely well, with a lot of positive feedback coming from both the thrilled client and attendees on just how good the final content looked.
"I'm always so excited to see content delivered by InspoHub. They capture the essence of our events perfectly, which is really rewarding for me personally as an event organiser, because this really shows off our in-person experience, but online!"
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