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ABOUT THE project
The Brief
Having covered the same event the year prior in Portugal, InspoHub approached this project with a great understanding of exactly what style of content the client wanted, how it should be captured, and the ongoing collaborative process on-site.

The client requested that we delivered 2 highlights videos per day, with same-day shoot and edit turnaround. One edit would be a portrait aspect ratio for Instagram, and the second a more traditional landscape format for LinkedIn.

As part of the daily highlights, the team were tasked with capturing footage from the various sessions and activities put on by the client. Additionally, each day the InspoHub team would interview a member of the Games Global senior leadership team for them to share their thoughts on a daily topic of focus, which ultimately drove the narrative of each edit.

In addition to the online deliverables, InspoHub were tasked with turning around content within several hour intervals so that it could be shown on the various big screens across the event site. This would mean capturing a networking breakfast session in the morning and ensuring it was shared to the big screens for the attendees to watch back by lunchtime only a few hours later, for example.

The client also requested photography of the entire event. This content was shared with guests post-event, and also shared to the big screens and across social media.
The Solution

InspoHub approached this project with a streamlined crew of 5. With an on-site producer, production manager, editor, camera operator and photographer, we were able to integrate seamlessly into the events team.

With tight turnaround times, a clear production process was implemented from the beginning, helping the team to be clear on what was required and at what time. Having the entire crew on-site helped to streamline the project, without the need to incorporate remote workflows.

With a specialism in event coverage, InspoHub brought an extensive inventory of equipment to help elevate production value. TV standard camera equipment, including gimbals and drones helped showcase the scale of the event. It also elevated the perceived value for in-person event attendees.

Having captured and edited content, the team worked closely with the on-site AV crew to autonomously showcase all content to the big screens around the venue. With such a high volume of content, it was important to only involve the client when necessary so they could focus on the running of the wider event. This process suited both parties and kept content flowing from start to finish.

Following the event wrap, InspoHub also created a reflective highlights piece of the event as a whole. This video was not only a nice memory for all those involved, but also acted as an overview-style sales asset that could be used by the client in the future.

All stills were also edited on-site, and uploaded to a live shared album with the client. This allowed the marketing team to have instant access for social distribution.

The Outcome

A detailed workflow, a working knowledge of the client and a trusted crew meant that the team delivered on all requests on time and to the highest level.

The client was delighted with each edit, voicing how beneficial the content capture process was and how it aided them in the wider running of the event.

"It was great working with you guys again, you smashed it as always!"
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