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InspoHub helps businesses and influencers of different scale create collaborations which help each party to grow. You don’t need a large marketing budget to create unique and inspiring content for your business, or a huge audience to get your first collaboration off the ground. We match the needs of both businesses and influencers, and together create content that matters.

For Businesses

Traditional marketing is no longer bringing the value and results that it used to. Influencer marketing is becoming ever more popular as social media platforms develop to increase influencer opportunities, and businesses understand how to harness the power of stronger and more niche audience targeting. You should not miss out on this.

Market leading bloggers come with a high price tag and often leave SME businesses priced out of the market. This influencer bubble is being further inflated by businesses who do not understand the value of spreading their influencer marketing budget among a larger number of smaller influencers, and thus miss out on the opportunity to utilise truly unique customer generated content targeted at more engaged groups of potential customers.

We are here to make a change. Together, we can create campaigns that will help you achieve better results together with inspiring and unique content of different formats. Whether you are a small, medium or large scale business, we can help you find influencers who would be interested in collaborations with you. Together we can achieve more! Are you interested? Fill in the contact us form!

For Influencers

We want to support creators and help them do more of what they love and are good at. Size doesn’t matter to us! A small audience is not a bad thing - engagement is key. With us, you can be discovered easily by businesses seeking influencer marketing for your audience type and choose to partner with those you believe in. With us, you can reach the goals that your creativity deserves. With us, you can invest time into building your blog, Instagram account, YouTube channel or any other social media presence to help and inspire others, and we will help you arrange collaborations... for free! With us, you can be a market influencer who makes the difference.

We want to help local influencers grow, create more and be heard. Do you want to join? Fill in the contact us form!

Content Creation

Are you an SME or new business that understands the value of content marketing, but doesn’t know where to begin, and most importantly doesn't have the resources in-house? We are here to help you create high-quality visual and textual content in native-level Finnish, English, and Russian, and achieve your marketing goals!

Every successful content marketing initiative must begin with a strategic set of goals and a clear objective. If you don’t understand what you need to accomplish, your initiative will have a lower chance of success. This is why we create content marketing strategies and roadmaps that help entrepreneurs and marketing specialists create a strategic framework, into which they can easily group and prioritise ideas, goals, tasks and other details.

Additionally, we create content for web and social media, and have talented and skilled experts who can help you get rid of unnecessary stress and focus on achieving your marketing goals and utilising ready-made content for your campaigns. Stop wasting your precious time and money on things that can be easily outsourced. Work smart! Develop your business, and we will take care of your content marketing strategy, online presence and blow your customers’ minds with outstanding content.

Whether you competitors are missing out on the value of content marketing or already doing it, let us help you create content that brings value to your business and sets you apart in your marketplace. We will analyze your market and specifics of your products or services to create a content marketing strategy that will serve your business purpose.

It’s time to be discovered by your potential customers and build loyal relationships with your current clients! Contact us to hear more about our services and competitive prices!


About us

We are a small team with a big vision. We inspire change in life, and want to help others grow. We have a profound experience in digital marketing, and especially blog marketing both locally and internationally. For diverse press-tours and campaigns we have found influencers with suitable profiles and audiences that fully complied with the needs and goals of the clients that want to leverage the power of blog and influencer marketing in today's world.

The CEO of InspoHub Ltd. is an influencer herself. She shares practical aspects about life in Finland and diverse how-tos for young business professionls, travellers and sports enthusiasts to further enrich their lives. Being a content creator and an online marketing specialist helps her understand the needs of both sides to the influencer marketing world and thus deliver the needed results.



Contact us

Whether you are a business or an influencer, we are looking forward to having new members in our hub! Fill in the contact form below, and we will get back to you immediately!