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ABOUT THE project
The Brief
InspoHub was tasked with hosting a series of live webinars for a marketing agency, Brilliant Noise. The client works with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, devising and delivering marketing strategies. As part of their output, Brilliant Noise shares open webinar presentations that help keep businesses and marketers clear on current trends, strategies and innovations.

Brilliant Noise was looking for a new solution to their regular webinar series. Until InspoHub took over the technical setup and delivery, the client had been using Zoom to share content. This came with limitations in the quality of overall output, which led to the client reaching out to InspoHub to optimise the series. It was requested that InspoHub provide a single-camera studio setup. The client still wanted to be able to integrate presentation slides that could be taken full screen and in a picture-in-picture layout throughout.

InspoHub took over the full technical setup. Everything from pre-production and logistics, to session capture and live distribution fell under our responsibility. The key was to create an autonomous process that took all technical aspects off the client’s plate, allowing them to focus on the delivery of the on-screen content. The team were also tasked with creating a bespoke graphics package to overlay video output. It was also requested that the stream be shared live to YouTube.
The Solution

To elevate the client’s offering, InspoHub needed to produce an output that was not only more technically reliable than a simple Zoom call, but one that also showcased a professional broadcast standard. For the studio space, we used a broadcast camera, a full lighting setup and a boom mic for audio capture. The difference between this approach and using a laptop camera was immeasurable, and immediately elevated the perceived production value for virtual attendees.

From a technical standpoint, it was crucial to not have any dropout or lag (something that is very common with online meeting software due to network connectivity challenges). InspoHub’s solution was to utilise high-end broadcast software, operated by an on-site PC and producer. This software allowed for the producer to cut to vicarious outputs. For the majority of the live stream we utilised the camera positioned on the person delivering the session. When presentation slides needed to be integrated, the producer could then bring the slides into frame alongside the speaker. For the more data-heavy slides, inputs could be cut to take the presentation full screen.

Using industry-standard streaming software allowed the team to broadcast the session to virtually anywhere. In this instance, the client wanted to stream directly to YouTube which was straightforward for the setup in use. Bespoke graphical title slates, named lower thirds, branding and picture-in-picture frames were also created by the in-house team to incorporate into the live output.

The Outcome

The client was delighted with the huge elevation of their live webinar sessions. Having been open to new technologies after facing challenges with previous solutions, it was a rewarding investment that Brilliant Noise kindly reflected in their testimonial for InspoHub. To see what the client had to say about their experience working with the InspoHub team, scroll down a little further!
"Working with InspoHub immediately took our webinar up a few levels. Where we had effectively been doing Zoom calls with PowerPoint, now we were doing a broadcast. The high-quality broadcast feel to the event impressed clients and colleagues alike. It felt more compelling and was just easier to watch.

An added bonus was that we just didn't need to worry about the technical details - and there's always something that goes wrong at the last minute when you're presenting online. With the peace of mind of a professional production team, we were able to focus on the content and getting out messaging across."
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