Zima - Russian Cuisine Restaurant

The Brief: Zima was looking for a marketing agency to profile the restaurant’s current marketing and build a new strategy to help attract a new target audience. 

How InspoHub attacked it: InspoHub has experience working with businesses owned and operated by non-natives of the country they operate in. This was the case with Zima, being run by a Russian team and marketing previously being outsourced to Moscow. Whilst these strategies and methods of working are highly effective in Russian markets, they often don’t translate to European consumers. 

Identifying what worked and what did not was a key part of the audit, leading to a strategy of moulding content to keep costs down instead of starting again from scratch. Zima’s website and social media channels were great tools that just needed sharpening. 

This project was another example of how clear InspoHub are with strategy and planning, with Zima choosing to execute in-house. 

The services we delivered: marketing audit and strategy.