Did you know that 36% of the waste in Europe is caused by construction? Resources are becoming scarcer… So, how can we minimise waste streams? WasteBuild is here to help. It's an international platform that showcases leading edge circular building materials and solutions that directly tackle the climate emergency.

The Brief: WasteBuild was looking to appoint a communications agency to further develop their website and run email campaigns to promote their monthly webinars. 

How InspoHub attacked it:

Email Marketing for Events

To improve sign-up and turnout rates, we’ve changed the timings for sending emails earlier to give more build up and time for sign up and introduce email reminders for each webinar session on a day. We've also been testing subject lines to land on a structure that is consistently performing well and cleaning up the database to prevent high bounce rates and improve a deliverability score by adding names for personalisation and removing people that never open emails.

Result: for one of the latest webinars WasteBuild had a sign-up rate of 3% (8000 database) and a turnout rate of 95%!

TV Quality Webinar

ZOOM-ing to the future of low-cost webinars. We're all bored of webinars which look too much like a Zoom call. WasteBuild runs a monthly sponsored webinar, but to justify and attract commercial partners the quality had to step up. InspoHub was able to deliver the latest WB365 event with higher production values, enabling easier sponsor attraction going forwards. ⠀

Because InspoHub already worked with WasteBuild, we were embedded within the WasteBuild team. This enabled an extremely cost-effective solution to deliver this simple, yet effective, webinar. Watch one of the recent webinars here.

The services we deliver: website development, email marketing, graphic design, webinar live streaming.