Commercial Marketing Audit and Strategy

Support from commercial partners is crucial to growth for all sports organisations, but how to increase your value proposition to current and potential sponsors? To get more, your organisation must offer more in return. 

By understanding your business goals and KPIs, InspoHub’s marketing and content team build strategies, wireframes and content plans to achieve the desired objectives. Strategies can be implemented by your in-house team or our team of creators. 

We have experts at each stage of the creative and strategic process to support your in-house staff in achieving maximum results through manageable budgets. Or, if you prefer, these steps can be completely handled by InspoHub.


STEP 1: Meet and Greet

InspoHub delivers a personal touch - we want you to know, trust and build a relationship with our team. The first meeting is about understanding each other and for our team to fully understand your sports organisation, its services and its objectives.

STEP 2: Audit

Seeing what you have done before helps us decide the best path forward. We look at what worked and what could’ve been done differently to maximise the impact of our strategy. 

STEP 3: Strategy, content guide and content plan

With everything we learnt about your organisation from the initial meeting and after analysing prior marketing output of you and your competitors, we create a bespoke strategy. 

So long as you are happy with the strategy, a content guide and plan will also be published. Whether content production and execution is completed by InspoHub or not, these documents will keep your marketing output consistently driving your business with effective and on-brand messaging, iconography and structure. steps

With the plan in place, it’s time to deliver and execute. Keeping the ‘red thread’ throughout the full marketing process is a key factor to professional looking brands and converting a potential audience into valued customers. With InspoHub’s wide range of high-quality content production services, choose us to deliver successful return on your business objectives through aligned marketing goals. 

How does your business benefit from this service?

As a result, you will get a commercial marketing strategy with clear marketing action steps, identified customer profiles, lead generation funnel, KPIs and tools to do lead generation marketing in-house or outsource it to you trusted partner - InspoHub.