Social Media Video Commercials

We already know that video is the most engaging and powerful media form. Take it to another level by hitting your audience on the platform where they are at their most vulnerable, already seeking video and prepped to like, share, comment and even click-through to purchase. But with so much video content already out there, how does your commercial stick out?

InspoHub Video Production

Harnessing our expertise in the fields of both video production and marketing, InspoHub doubly understands how to produce captivating video that will increase sales leads. Video advertising on social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore it requires a campaign, not one post. The project may revolve around one main video commercial, but we will create shoulder content to compliment this in vertical and horizontal orientations, for stories, and for sharing across all your channels.

InspoHub Filming Services

See our working process below, based on transparency to ensure the end products reflect your business needs.

STEP 1: Meet and Greet

InspoHub delivers a personal touch - we want you to know, trust and build a relationship with our team. The first meeting is about understanding each other and for our team to fully understand your business, its services and its objectives and to hear your wishes and expectations.

STEP 2: Concept Proposal

Once we understand your objectives, we will go away and work on several ideas as to how we can help you reach them through the power of social media advertising. We will come back to you with a creative plan including details on style as well as where, how and on which platforms each piece of content will work best.

Video Commercial Concept Creation

STEP 3: Scripting and Storyboarding

Whether it’s on screen actors, interviews or voice over - there is a good chance there will be some scripting involved. We will also get you to sign off on specific sequences we will be filming to ensure we are factually correct when talking about your business and the industry you represent.

STEP 4: Production

This is the fun part - we get filming. You will finally get to see your commercial coming to life, it’s no longer just ink and paper.

Video commercial production

STEP 5: Editing and Review

Once filming is complete, we move straight on to the post production stage to turn the raw footage into your masterpiece commercial and the shoulder content to surround it. We will send versions to you at various stages in the production process to get feedback until a final version is signed off and the content gets published.

How much does it cost to film a commercial with InspoHub?

A campaign like the one below can be produced for less than £3000.

Do you want to see some examples produced by InspoHub?

Product Explainer by InspoHub

VisitHealth At-Home Healthcare:

In-Stream Commercial by InspoHub

VisitHealth At-Home ECG: