Influencer marketing

Forget about the past

Traditional marketing is no longer bringing the value and results that it used to. The demand for influencer marketing is constantly growing as social media platforms and technologies develop to increase influencer power and opportunities, and businesses understand how to harness the power of stronger and more niche audience targeting. Don’t miss this trend.

Forget about limits

Market leading influencers come with a high price tag and often leave SMEs priced out of the market. This influencer bubble is being further inflated by businesses who do not understand the value of spreading their influencer marketing budget among a larger number of smaller influencers, and thus miss out on the opportunity to utilise truly unique customer generated content targeted at more engaged groups of potential customers. In the influencer world, a smaller audience means higher engagement and deeper trust.

Act now

InspoHub has already helped many brands reach niche markets where previously they were left scratching their heads, shaping campaigns and inviting collaborators to experiences across the globe. We are here to make a change, helping businesses and influencers to harness the power of this new marketing strategy.

Whether you are a small, medium or large scale business, we can help you find influencers who would be interested in collaborating with you. Together we can achieve more!

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