Email Marketing & CRM

InspoHub helps businesses develop, engage and retain their customers with the help of email marketing.

Email marketing is NOT a thing of the past

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing techniques when it comes to generating impressive conversions and ROI. However, converting your leads into paying customers takes more than just entering your data and copy to MailChimp or other mail distribution platform and hit 'send'.

Our core email marketing principles:

  • A/B testing

  • Responsive email design 

  • Customer-centric attitude

  • Ongoing content development for higher profits

  • Outreach marketing through bloggers and journalists

Why partner with InspoHub?

With us, clients on average achieve:

  • Open rate from 34%

  • Click-through rate from 3%

  • Unsubscribe rate lower than 0.2%

Email marketing launch: from £1,500

This package includes:

  • Existing email marketing audit and competitor analysis

  • Newsletter signup flow concept creation and execution (including min. 5 emails)

  • Email templates design

  • Email templates implementation

  • Graphic design

  • Copy creation

InspoHub creates high-quality textual content in native-level English, Russian, Finnish and German. We use native-language copywriters, not translators, to ensure textual content is appealing to the relevant audience. 

Monthly email marketing: from £250

This package includes:

  • Email template design

  • Template implementation

  • Email scheduling

  • Email campaign delivery

  • Copy creation

  • Graphic design

  • ROI tracking & targeting

  • Email account management

  • Regular performance reports

  • Result-driven suggestions

Strategy is at the core of everything we do

We begin by sitting down with you to discuss your overall KPIs and objectives for success online and accessing your existing subscribers and email workflows. From there, we develop your email funnel to nurture your leads and drive sales. Then we design responsive email templates that look flawless and convert well on all devices.