The brief: VisitHealth was seeking a new creative agency to take over all marketing management, strategy and execution. 

How InspoHub attacked it: Having not covered the healthcare industry prior to this project, the first task for our team was to get on top of medical jargon and procedures offered by this private, on-demand nursing care provider. 

VisitHealth is one-of-a-kind and its USP’s are endless, so InspoHub first undertook a full marketing audit to discover what had been done in the past and what aspects of the business had not been exploited fully. Once the public face of the company was in order, we strategised a clear plan for delivering the number of leads that could meet the ambitious business goals set. 

Paid advertising campaigns initially proved hugely successful with a 300% monthly increase in patient numbers since InspoHub stepped onboard. As the bar was set higher, InspoHub decided that highly targeted campaigns were the way forward. One example was a drive to attract marathon participants for an ECG. This meant specific ad creation as well as landing pages with powerful conversion tactics, all designed to attract somebody to a service they didn’t even know they needed.

Establishing InspoHub even further as a 360 agency, the team worked with VisitHealth’s management to establish relationships with hotels, luxury care homes and private doctors for business partnerships and cross-promotion agreements. As well as helping to setup these partnerships, the InspoHub design team created printed marketing materials to showcase the VisitHealth plethora of services.

The next phase of this project will see InspoHub produce a series of online video commercials to increase brand and service awareness for ViasitHealth.

The services we deliver: 360 marketing solutions - marketing management, strategy and audit; copywriting; brochure, flyer and social media posting design; social media marketing; paid advertising; video production.