The brief: A fitness app startup, Jiwatt quickly outgrew the marketing which the company were able to provide in-house and seeked an agency to take over full marketing management. 

How InspoHub attacked it: Jiwatt was built by a small, passionate team which meant that understanding the business targets was simple. InspoHub created a marketing strategy upon this to grow the number of monthly app downloads by both fitness tracking users and by personal trainers (where the company had previously struggled for growth but was a key growth success area). 

Social media leaned heavily on Instagram with a profile rebrand completed to make the page enticing and engaging for viewers to stay with Jiwatt’s content longer and ultimately drive to an app download. 

PPC and banner advertising was used to increase brand awareness around the online fitness marketplace, as well as partnership management with personal trainers and gym chains. ASO (app store optimisation) was also executed in an active attempt to greatly increase download growth. 

The services we delivered: marketing strategy and content planning, social media branding, social media management, design, copywriting, PPC, partnership management, ASO.