Podcast 'Surpass Your Potential'

Surpass Your Potential Podcast by InspoHub

What is this podcast about?

This podcast dives into the inspirational stories of what makes an entrepreneur, what drives them to start their own business and asks tough questions about the highs, the lows, the risks and the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

And why are we doing this?

Well, the big challenges and risks we face everyday have most likely been seen before by someone else. So grab your notepad as we explore how successful entrepreneurs have identified, actioned and surpassed their potential.

EPISODE 1: Launching in a Lockdown, with Ledgrr.

In our debut episode, we talk to the Co-Founder of Ledgrr., Rene Pavlides. Hear about the challenges and opportunities of launching a business during lockdown; the moment they questioned their WHY; and how they are using free tools to excite potential customers in the highly contested field of accountancy.

EPISODE 2: Commercialising a Life Mission, with Previously

What to do with that old camera, mobile phone or laptop when it's broken or you upgrade? Finn Sims, Founder of Previously, has made answering that question his life mission. From pulling apart his parents camera at 9yrs old, to 3D printing cases to reuse speaker technology, Finn lives and breathes his mission to reduce e-waste. He speaks about the difficulties of solo-sounding, emotions around launching a product and business, and shares advice on monetising your creative brain.

EPISODE 3: Fighting MVP Perfectionism, with Centuro Global

Deciding which features make the cut for your MVP is tough - it's your baby and you want it to be perfect! Legal professionals Zain Ali & Asma Bashir, founders of Centuro Global, faced exactly this. In this episode Zain talks us through their story from idea conception to MVP soft launch and shares his top-tips for creating engaging posts on LinkedIn.

EPISODE 4: Modernising an Age-Old Industry, with Tend Legal

Alistair and Shona Wells understood an opportunity for change within the un-developed legal profession. Their dream is to create a service which clients are not afraid to use - sounds obvious, but when was the last time you called a lawyer and felt excited? Stick around to hear Alistair's top 3 legal tips for start-ups.

EPISODE 5: Disrupting a drinking culture, with Peak

Louie Syred and Ben Whales, long-time friends and now co-founders of Peak, had an idea that would challenge a drinking culture. Part 1 delves into how Peak started, what challenges they faced along the way, and ultimately what drove them to creating a product that breaks away from social normality.

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