Podcast Production

Ever thought about telling your story, or asking the important questions to others?⠀ ⠀ By giving your brand a voice through a podcast, you can attract new audiences, educate and engage potential clients and win new business. Do you have A LOT of written content? Consider bringing your existing written content to life by turning it into a podcast!

Podcast Studio

With InspoHub, you can create a well-produced, professionally presented and expertly edited podcast. We will take care of the whole process from concept creation, series ideas, research, interviews, hosting and distribution. InspoHub has access to a fully equipped podcast studio in Brighton & Hove. We can manage up to 3 guests to record your shows with our state of the art podcast equipment.

Vodcast Production

Video can boost the effectiveness of your message by over 300%. We record your vodcast in the highest quality to capture the exact look and feel along with your relevant branding, graphics and subtitling added during post-production. Vodcasts are a nice addition to a podcast giving you the opportunity to bring your audio to life through YouTube and Vimeo.

Repurposing Your Written Content

Have you invested heavily in copywriting services over the years? It's time to transform your brilliant content into audio with our experienced and dynamic presenters. Get your message heard by letting us help you repurpose your existing content and make it work for you again and again.

Post-Production Editing

Do you you want to outsource the final edit? Do you need someone to master the audio prior to distribution? Our post-production team can take your raw audio and transform it into a final product ready for distribution. We can also edit short 30-60 second clips for social media to promote your podcast.

Podcast Distribution

We can take care of your podcast distribution and set up a portal with 24/7 access to reports that give you a real-time view on how your podcast is doing, including the number of listeners, downloads, audience demographics and more. Do you want to see an example of our work? Search 'Surpass Your Potential' on any podcast platform! Do you want to learn more? Book your free consultation today to discuss your podcast! #inspohub_podcast

Surpass Your Potential Podcast by InspoHub