Marketing Kick-Off - £4600


Every successful marketing initiative must begin with a strategic set of goals and a clear objective. If you don’t understand what you need to accomplish, your initiative will have a lower chance of success. This is why we create marketing strategies and action plans that help entrepreneurs and marketing specialists create a strategic framework, into which they can easily group and prioritise ideas, goals, tasks and other details.

We begin with an initial meeting to understand your business, its services and its objectives. We will also review what marketing you have done before to decide the best path forward. We look at what worked and what could’ve been done differently to maximise the impact of your upcoming strategy.

As a result, you will get a marketing strategy with clear tactics and activities, identified customer profiles tailored to your business, a lead generation funnel, KPIs and tools to conduct marketing in-house or outsource it to your trusted marketing partner.

This service covers:

  • Audit (competition, current website traffic, online media, social media, email comms)

  • Business Objectives

  • Marketing Objectives

  • Marketing Personas (demographics, pain Points, behaviour, Acorn classification, goals, priorities, media preferences, etc)

  • Marketing activities related to each marketing objective

  • KPIs

  • Tools & result measurement

Cost: £2100 + VAT


After we receive your feedback on the Marketing Strategy and you are happy with ideas and target markets put forward, we will integrate them into your actionable marketing plan.

This will cover 3 months worth of marketing activities, including a Set-Up & Launch Month. This includes the essentials needed to start your marketing activities and measure their effectiveness.

As a result, you will receive the action plan for the initial set-up and ongoing monthly activities in an excel format. This will include sub-activities, breakdown of tasks, priorities, deadlines and estimated time/costs ready for execution.

This service covers:

  • Definition of activities, sub-activities and actionable steps

  • Definition of activity type (daily/weekly/monthly/one-off)

  • Ideal executors of activities

  • Estimated time to complete

  • Activity priority

  • Projected activity impact

  • Activity effort

  • Definition benefits between local vs Expansion (for businesses with multiple locations)

Cost: £900 + VAT


Content Marketing Nurture Funnel is made up of target audiences, triggers and tactics, questions to answer, calls-to-action, lead magnets, landing pages and the flow of content (from awareness through consideration to decision-making).

This wireframe will provide long-format content ideas for the 3 months ahead.

To streamline your content production across multiple channels and formats, we will build an editorial calendar to ensure production of valuable content that is integrated into your marketing activities.

This service covers:

  • Content Overview for each stage (Awareness, Consideration and Decision-Making)

  • Content Funnel and Flow (how each content piece integrates with other marketing activities and content)

  • Summary of content requirements (with content types, brief description and priorities)

  • Timetable (week/day/date)

  • Title/Topic

  • Category

  • Format

  • Channel

  • Status

  • Roles (Executor, Contributor, Publisher)

Cost: £1600 + VAT

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