Discover Fulham

You know that feeling when you look at a document and don't know where to begin... and then some time later you look at the ready project and think 'How did we make all this?'.

Discover Fulham is our baby. We have been developing this project from scratch. This includes branding, website, content, design, social media and email marketing strategy... We didn't want to launch just another London guide - we wanted to create the go-to guide in Fulham.

We wanted to truly support local businesses in these difficult times and increase their brand awareness and sales, furthermore, encourage local residents and workers to discover hidden gems and look at Fulham with new eyes. We aspired to share some really valuable content and make it look creative, how it should these days when we are all fighting for attention on social media. 

The Brief: Discover Fulham was looking to appoint a marketing and content creation agency to build a destination brand, develop a new website, social media accounts and communication channels.

How InspoHub attacked it: 

Brand development

Having won the tender process, InspoHub began a B2C project. At first, we initiated a brainstorm with the board of directors to identify Discover Fulham’s mission and vision, ideal target audiences, brand personality and values.

InspoHub then carried out market research with a B2C focus group to create a name, logo and visual representation of the brand. Based on the findings, we created a brand book for digital and print that includes brand story, target audiences, tone of voice, logo, colour palette, typography, imagery suggestions for photography and graphic design.

Website development

Once we developed a new brand, we conducted more market research to identify the content and user experience needs for a B2C destination website. As a result, we developed and built the website functionality, design, individual portals for businesses, CRM integration and content, all in-house:

Social media development

Capturing your audience's attention is an art, and illustration helps not only with attracting attention, but also with communicating to your audience and explaining processes in a simply and easy-to-understand way.⠀

When working on the launch of the Discover Fulham brand, we wanted a personable communications strategy to connect with our target audiences - Vibrant Youngsters, Trendy Mums, Football Fans and Culture Seekers. As a result, we created Charlie - the go-to guide in Fulham, and then his buddy - Jasmine. Check @discoverfulham to see what we’ve developed!

Ongoing marketing support

Our team runs social media accounts and paid ads, building and executing email communications, further developing the website, design print and digital materials and banners that you can see in any part of the Fulham Broadway BID area

The services we deliver: brand development, website development, B2C communication, copywriting, social media management, newsletter production, monthly marketing reports.