Conversion Tracking Setup - £800

Our team will liaise with you and your team developer to setup the following tools for your website: 

  • Google Analytics (to dig into the demographics and behaviour of your audience, identifying your most popular products and content, and enables you to make more effective choices in future marketing efforts)

  • Hotjar (shows how your website visitors interact with your website with heat-maps (where your visitors spend the most time) and individual visitor recordings to give valuable insights on the usability of your site)

  • Facebook Pixel (to gather information about your audience and give the option to retarget in the future or create lookalike audiences)

  • Google Ads (to reach out to the audience looking for your solution and get extra £75 as a free bonus from Google)

  • HubSpot (to gather email addresses from your website with a pop-up tool, segment your audiences into static and active lists, send customisable emails and manage your ads and report)

Cost: £800 + VAT