Centuro Global

Centuro Global assists companies at every stage of the global expansion journey, ranging from conducting market assessments, determining the best market entry options, including legal and tax requirements and managing your HR and payroll. They also help businesses gain a competitive advantage through introductions to global networks and support from key players in the local ecosystem.

The Brief: Centuro Global wanted to create space and clarity into their offering and marketing strategy. 

How InspoHub attacked it: 

Existing Marketing Audit + Marketing Strategy

We conducted an audit of Centuro Global’s social media activities, email communications wireframe and content, SEO, earned and paid media. These insights and benchmarks were used to build the marketing strategy in order to avoid mistakes made in the past and scale up effective campaigns/strategies.

Result: InspoHub delivered a marketing strategy based on the overall business goals with clear marketing action steps, KPIs and setup tools which can be executed in-house or by InspoHub.

Digital Marketing Activities

To maximise the effectiveness of marketing activities, we start any project with optimising a  website to communicate the benefits and services provided by our client. For Centuro Global, we created a technical assignment with recommendations to add conversion points and clearly outline benefits and services; copy and advice for new landing pages: Property, Finding Investment, Expand Abroad, China, India, South Africa, UAE & UK, Innovator and Start-up Visas. 

We also revised the email welcome wireframe to outline clear benefits, highlight the services CG offer, and add value with interesting and engaging content, increasing CTA’s. We also reduced the frequency of emails not to overwhelm new sign-ups but increase the quality of information.  

The services we deliver: website development, B2B communications, email marketing, inbound content marketing, Google ads, social media ads.