Capital Tuition Group

Capital Tuition Group are committed to arranging top class tuition for children that is delivered by the real expert - teachers. CTG introduce skilled teachers and professional tutors who derive from leading Universities and top Teacher Training Institutions in the UK and Northern Ireland, who have garnered expert pedagogical skills by teaching in State and Independent Schools. Their excellent teaching expertise will increase a child's confidence, enhance their subject knowledge and raise their grades.

The Brief: Capital Tuition Group set a goal to double the number of tuition hours for the next academic year. They aimed to find a marketing partner to build a marketing strategy and help achieve business goals.

How InspoHub attacked it:

Marketing Audit & Website Development

We delivered a marketing audit to look at what worked and what could’ve been done differently to maximise the impact of marketing activities. Due to poor website performance and user-friendliness, InspoHub proposed to build a brand-new website to make a great impression on the first glance, provide excellent customer communication and improve conversion rates with service-specific landing pages. We also created a style guide concept for CTG and artwork templates for Instagram and Facebook that could be repurposed going forward. 

Content Marketing

To secure a steady stream of fresh content consistently into the future, we created a content plan (social media, blog and newsletters) to provide focus and planning in development efforts and remove the pressure of constantly developing content on the fly. It also helped to ensure the content was relevant and suited the needs of CTG and their audiences.

Paid Advertising

InspoHub runs CTG's paid search and paid social ads to support business goals by generating marketing- and sales-qualified leads.

The services we deliver: brand development, website development, B2C communication, copywriting, social media design, Google ads, social media ads.