Bridge Digital Media

BRIDGE Digital Media is a UK talent agency with a mission to create cultural collaborations between China and other countries. They help content creators build and grow their social media presence in China and introduce them to brands who want to engage with their audience. 

The Brief: BRIDGE Digital Media were looking for a communications partner to help them shape the Nurture Scheme for western influencers and attract them to join this programme. 

How InspoHub attacked it:

Influencer Marketing & Content Marketing

We delivered an influencer marketing strategy to identify ideal content creators, the Nurture Scheme offering, programme sign-up funnel, email communications, social media design and other programme materials. In the first month of our collaboration with BRIDGE, we signed up 20 content creators on their growth journey into the Chinese market.

Here are the reviews of influencers we signed up:

Alivia D'Andrea

“Bridge has been great to work with so far! Their response time is fast and the team is passionate about their work. My manager is Abby and I love her! We come up with creative ideas together and she is very open minded about all my suggestions. She also is very patient and understanding with my work. Highly recommend Bridge!”

Jordan Simons

“Great service and I highly recommend working with the Bridge team. Everything has been done professionally with exceptional service throughout. Thanks again, Jordan.”

The services we deliver: influencer marketing strategy, brand development, B2C communications, copywriting, social media design.