About us

InspoHub is a 360 strategic creative agency from Brighton & Hove. We can help you increase your brand awareness and sales online through growth marketing and video production locally and internationally.

Our team

Ekaterina Popova
Founder, Head of Marketing

Ekaterina lives and breathes digital marketing, business development and psychology. Over 9 years of work experience in B2B and B2C marketing and lead generation, she has developed and executed growth marketing strategies for businesses in hospitality, e-commerce, tech and consultancy sectors.

"In 2017, I started InspoHub with a big dream - to create a workplace where young and creative people are understood and mentored the way they need to surpass their potential and do marketing that does not only increase brand awareness, but also generates leads and sales for clients."

Ben Blake
Head of Media & Content Production
+44 7863 331015

Ben is a passionate producer and director, specialising in sports marketing, content production and live events. He has experience and understanding of multi-platform delivery and has a digital/social awareness in all production aspects. Clear communication, strong and inspirational leadership and flexibility are his key skill sets and he is always open to experimenting with new technology, both in broadcast and OTT programming.

"Do you want to produce captivating video that will increase sales leads? Get in touch! Your project may revolve around one main video commercial, but InspoHub will create shoulder content to compliment this in vertical and horizontal orientations, for stories, and for sharing across all your channels."

Jess Profile Picture Inspohub
Lead Generation Strategist

Jessica has worked in marketing for 6 years for large and small organisations in the food, drink, sport & health sectors delivering international marketing campaigns. Her strengths are in idea generation for reaching your target audience, ensuring brand-consistent messaging, and a can-do attitude to delivering campaigns on time and to the highest standard. 

"Working for InspoHub has been refreshing, often marketing projects can be bogged down by inefficiency and lack of vision. InspoHub is extremely agile and always pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and by when. The creativity is always grounded by close attention to performance to ensure the most impact is made for the money clients have to invest whatever the budget." 

Paul Rowse Photo
Paul Rowse
Content Marketing Specialist
+44 7970 313627

Paul is our go-to content marketer for all things creative! He has worked in marketing and video for over two years, with plenty of experience in creating exciting and effective content for SMEs, start-ups and sports teams. As well as video, he’s worked with various businesses on their social platforms, SEO tactics, and email marketing campaigns.

“Nothing inspires change quite like creativity! Marketing, when done right, should be a fun experience for everyone involved. Get in touch if you’re looking for new ways in which your business can grow through content marketing or video.”

Irina Edilbaeva
Lead Designer & Illustrator

Irina creates exceptional design work ranging from brand creation, social media, out of home posters, and print for InspoHub's clients. Whether you need a new creative direction or you want materials perfectly in keeping with your pre-existing brand image Irina delivers creative imaginative and on-trend design to make your business stand out. 

“I have worked with InspoHub from the very beginning and have grown with the company. I love the variety of clients and the opportunity to create beautiful designs in a range of styles. I am currently developing my illustration skills to create more intricate and bespoke additions to my design work as I always endeavour to improve my skills and the breadth of what we can offer to clients.”

Kyran Harding Photo
Marketing & Content Production Assistant

Kyran ensures the functionality and coordination of our team's activities. He assists in organising and planning digital marketing campaigns, content production and live events, manages collaborations with influencers, maintains social media accounts and websites, researches market trends and gathers marketing data.

"My role allows me to execute my passion for marketing and keep eye for detail in various scenarios, from working with clients, to working on video production jobs! InspoHub is an exceptional team to be a part of, and it’s so inspiring working alongside such incredible and creative people."

Lauren Horner InspoHub
Junior Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Lauren is a Digital Media Master's student with a Bachelor's degree in Product Design. She is passionate about all things graphic design and illustration and lovea being hands on with her work. During university, she had a wide range of projects including social media marketing and management, poster design and print, event planning and video production to name a few.  "InspoHub has been a great place to explore my field further, while also pushing me to hone skills such as brand creation, vinyl design and social media templates. I am very excited to be part of the team and to continue my journey with this creative company!"

Crisis Manager
+44 7863 331015

Keeping quick turnaround times for marketing and video production request can be stressful. My job is to give cuddles and inspire my team to take short breaks off their laptops to take me for a walk. I'm also a great networker, as everyone in the co-working space where we work likes me and initiate talks with Ben and Ekaterina.

Come and give me a cuddle (and a biscuit) if you are based at Plus X in Brighton!

Our values

Unique approach - Every project is different and the team should reflect that. We will place the right talent and creativity to deliver the project with the greatest impact. 

Client equality - Regardless of how big a client’s budget is, we treat them all with our first-rate customer service. Growing our clients’ business is our passion and when they flourish so do we.

Take pride - We take pride in what we deliver, from a small social media marketing campaign to big-scale event coverage. If it has our name on it then it will be nothing short of the best possible.