Planet Positive Lab

Recordings of panel talks and pitches, event highlights and testimonials.
ABOUT THE project
The Brief
Across the 6-week programme, Planet Positive Labs put on a combination of panel talks, presentations and networking sessions for their cohort. InspoHub’s role was to capture comprehensive coverage of all panels, Q&As and stage talks, each with a multi-camera setup.

Footage needed to be shot ‘as live’ and delivered shortly after each event as full event coverage, including the integration of Powerpoint slides and bespoke graphics. This content was then distributed among members of the cohort as a revision resource to watch back, as well as shared with those who couldn’t attend on the day.

We also repurposed event content into short-form snippets, taking some of the key talking points and delivering them as social-friendly clips to be shared as promotional content across various platforms.

In addition to the event coverage, InspoHub also delivered a flagship piece for Planet Positive Labs to use as promotional material. This included capturing interviews with the event organisers and attendees to get further insight into the benefits of the programme.
The Solution

When approaching the event coverage, InspoHub used in-house equipment to offer a 3-camera setup. This ensured all angles were captured and could be delivered in a professional ‘as live’ format.

1 camera covered the event moderator and questions from the audience, the second picked up shots of panellists, and the third acted as a wide shot for variation. By keeping equipment a crew streamlined and in-house, it allowed us to keep costs realistic and lower for the client.

After networking sessions, the same cameras and operators captured B-roll and interviews with attendees. As this was a 6-week programme, coverage needed to be captured, edited and delivered with quick turnaround times to ensure content stayed timely and relevant.

The Outcome

Across the duration of the programme, the client voiced how pleased they were with the content output and the working dynamic they had with the InspoHub team.
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