InspoHub Supporting Change: Women in Film Event
In May 2022, we hosted an event with Gusto to celebrate inspiring female change-makers in the creative production industry and empower young women to follow in their footsteps.
These past few years it has become increasingly obvious to us that so often on video shoots we see an all-male crew - especially throughout the creative roles such as DoPs and sound recordists. This vast inequality runs from the bottom to the very top of our industry with even female producers akin to rare gems.

We realised that it’s not good enough to sit around and discuss this issue within our circles. It was time to make a real difference. Between InspoHub and Gusto, we had a network of incredible women at the top of their game in the media industry around us - why not take the opportunity to put them in front of young, female aspiring filmmakers and make the change at ground level?
Ekaterina Blake and Dan Hills
The Night

The night started with an introduction from Gusto’s Dan Hills and InspoHub’s Ekaterina Blake - the conceptialists of the idea of the event. They discussed their findings of the gender gap in video production during their time running respective creative companies and why this event was just the first step to making a change.

Our four female trailblazers chatted about their journeys, their ups and downs and what it means to be a woman in the industry today. They also shared valuable tools and insight to help springboard young women’s careers.

  • Speaker one was Kim French - the head of marketing at Preen - who told her fascinating story through the post-production sector and how she started Edit Girls.

  • Next was Chloe Flexman who co-founded Buffmotion in 2014 after an inspiring career in video production stretching from Runner to Producer, via the Art Department.

  • Bahar Dopran continued our night with her rare experience of being a female “Soundie”, travelling for work and being scouted for Soundcatchers.

  • Finally, Emma Topping entertained us all with her journey from her previous law career into executive producing and the transferable skills she used to make it to where she is now.

We could have listened to all of our guests’ stories far longer than we booked the room for!

Following this was an open Q&A session between our speakers and the audience. Many students from the Screen and Film school asked thought-provoking questions which really made the most of the collective years of experience of our guests. After becoming truly inspired by each speaker’s advice, our audience enjoyed another drink whilst networking long into the night - getting the chance to speak with those who have first hand experience of navigating the film and commercial world.

Watch the video below to see more of what went down at this wonderful and energising event trying to get more women behind the screen. Make sure to stay updated with InspoHub and Gusto’s social media to be the first to know when we put on similar events in the future!
Meet our partners

This event was supported by Plus X. Their innovation hubs create workspaces that unlock potential, driving business growth and innovation, community collaboration, and positive social impact. The Plus X formula blends flexible workspaces with a wealth of facilities and support including media studios, prototyping workshops and bio labs. We integrate innovation programmes, start-up accelerators and access to Plus X business growth services from marketing to team talent experts. Book your free trial day here to experience a day in the innovation hub!

Would you like to join our journey and together celebrate and support women in film? Reach out to our Founder, Ekaterina Blake, on socials or via email