Video Production

If content is King, then video must be the crown jewels. Video attracts more viewers, generates higher engagement and holds an audience longer than any other content form. When video is so important, choose an agency that understand not just how to create video content, but how to exploit it.

Live Video Services

Whether entertainment, sports, corporate or community, InspoHub can bring value and future marketing opportunities to your event by capturing live action, keynotes, presentations and crisp audio in innovative and effective ways. We offer single and multi-camera coverage - and even multi-room or multi-venue coverage - all streamed to a destination of your choice and edited into useable video chunks immediately. 

By using market-leading technology (and knowing how to get the most from it) at both the high- and low-cost ends of the spectrum we are able to create content which will inspire any audience and extend average viewing duration.

Because extraordinary moments should never die, we capture content with longevity - designed to be repurposed and generate more return for you. By leaning on our marketing expertise, InspoHub creates video to attract, grow and convert a large audience.

Live Video Delivered Anywhere, or Everywhere

Delivery platforms have countless possibilities and we know how to exploit each to gain maximum return. We pride ourselves on delivering live from the most remote and bizzare locations. All this is available in public, private or pay-per-view form. 


Whether pay-per-view, subscription or inserted advertisements, there is a way to earn from your live stream. It’s a minefield of options in the monetised streaming world but InspoHub has the experience and technical expertise to deliver a model that works for your video, partners and commercial requirements.

We go further

Alongside video creation, our in-house marketing team can create a digital strategy to increase viewership, engagement and further improve on the objectives behind the video production. By putting marketeers inside the production, InspoHub is unique in adapting content as it happens to reflect audience behaviour.

Video Production Summary

“with this approach, we are equipped to handle any project and deliver content above and beyond, everytime”

We pride ourselves on delivering a complete end-to-end service with a personal touch. Harnessing the power of InspoHub as a creative agency we can take on any or all stages of the creative process from campaign creation and marketing strategy, through video storyboarding and shooting, and finally to post-production and delivery.

A production team is built for each project uniquely. Ultimately this means the right skill sets, equipment and cost for you. That can be top-of-the-range camera and lighting to deliver  branded content perfection, or selecting an efficient team who can seek out top content to shoot and editors who can turnaround show-stopping sports and event highlights in record time at a hugely competitive price.

We get social media! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube…they all have individual niche advantages, and the content we create reflects this. With a solid understanding of online video delivery methods and platforms we will work with you to design and produce content to achieve your overall objectives.