Live Streaming: Sports & Music

The best way to showcase your event and brand is through live streaming. 'Going Live' is often the most expensive cost associated with event management, but it should also be the most resourceful if managed effectively.

Why partner with InspoHub?

At InspoHub, we understand how to use live streaming as a revenue stream, a lead generation tool, a sales driver and a data capture service. As well as the countless benefits of positive brand messaging and placement for your commercial partners, of course.

InspoHub Live Streaming

Is live streaming the same as broadcast TV?

A live stream can be as simple as a single discreet camera and microphone or as lavish as a prime-time programme you’d watch on your TV. It’s all about what is justified for your event and your audience, and packaging a solution to match your budget. What you do with your live stream is one of the most important factors and with InspoHub you can take your event from anywhere, to anything.

How much does live streaming cost?

The most simple of live streams can be achieved for just a few hundred pounds, whilst if you are trying to achieve something closer to what you watch on TV you will need to be spending from £5,000 upwards to cover your event.